REACH Matures: How 2013 will Change Industry Disclosure Practices

Complimentary Webinar, Wednesday, February 6, 2013,
8:00am-9:00am PDT (11:00am-12:00pm EDT, 4:00am-5:00pm GMT)

The EU REACH regulation and corresponding CLP disclosure obligations have been evolving over the last several years and are approaching critical deadlines that will once again change the face of product stewardship and material content declaration. Specifically, in December of 2012, the EU REACH regulation SVHC list was expanded to 138 substances that must now be declared to upstream customers and regulators, and the new substance and labeling requirements under the REACH regulation’s substance and mixture provisions took effect. These regulatory disclosure obligations will send ripple effects through industry, which will increase with the approach of the June 1, 2013, registration deadline for pre-registered substances being imported into the EU.

As this deadline approaches, the ability for manufacturers, distributors and retailers to identify, maintain and disclose the exact substance concentration within product and to maintain clear audit trails featuring source collateral documentation will be critical for compliance. Correspondingly, as the regulation matures, the resulting enforcement measures for non-compliance are anticipated to escalate.

In an effort to continue to support industry in managing the ever expanding requirements of environmental regulation, Foresite will be offering a webcast discussing the emerging REACH requirements and the best practices for managing the associated obligations. This program will include:

  • An outline and recap of the new obligations under the REACH and CLP regulatory framework
  • A discussion and briefing concerning the pending impacts REACH will impose on industry in 2013
  • A briefing concerning how to coordinate building an inventory of full material declarations that can satisfy the disclosure requirements of the REACH regulation
  • A demonstration of what a functional system of record should look like and how it should be used for compliance purposes

The webinar will be presented by Travis Miller, Vice President of Regulatory Services and Graham Margetson, President of Sales and Marketing for Foresite. Travis and Graham are recognized experts in environmental regulatory compliance business processes, and have advised many of the largest blue chip companies on how to develop sound, defensible regulatory compliance processes.

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