Technology Overview


Foresite’s Global Environmental Management System (GEMS) is the premier enterprise system for worldwide regulatory compliance with substance control directives, producer responsibility regulations, corporate environmental standards and sustainability.

Integrated Data Management

GEMS gathers data from a variety of sources to fulfil your compliance requirements These include:

See Integrated Data Management for further information.

GEMS acquires, manages, integrates and archives data from an unlimited range of sources to fulfil your compliance requirements.

GEMS Core System

GEMS is an internet solution that holds the core data, business rules, and calculations necessary for compliance with environmental standards and regulations worldwide.

It is easily configured to hold extra data critical to your own reporting needs.

Find out more about the GEMS Core System.

Publishing and Reporting

GEMS will report/publish data in a variety of ways to cover your needs. These include:

  • Legislative Compliance Reporting for Packaging, RoHS, REACH, WEEE, batteries and more
  • Internal Reporting for cost breakdowns, CSR and design control
  • Customer Reporting using the customer portal, your own forms or standard forms such as IPC 1752

Further information about GEMS Publishing and Reporting...